At the Department of Pathological and Topographic Anatomy during the quarantine period 8 planned certificate training courses for pathologists and clinicians of different specialties were conducted online.

Each training course began with a lecture on the coronavirus infection (COVID-19), namely considering the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics and clinical course of the disease. Analyses of the latest world researches and developments on COVID-19 in various comorbid states were provided.

Particular attention was paid to presenting COVID-19 morphological pattern with demonstration of photographs and images of both cross-sectional microscope-level view of organ samples and histological specimen. Cases based on autopsies also generated interest of learners.

Participants got acquainted with the normative documents concerning the organization and implementation of preventive anti-epidemic measures in case of detection of a patient (deceased) or in case of suspicion of COVID-19. In this regard it is noteworthy, that staff members of the Department of Pathological and Topographic Anatomy of the Academy, in particular the Head, Professor Olena Dyadyk, who is an expert of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, took part in the development of these regulations, together with staff members of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Center for Public Health,

The department is planning to further present scientific data on COVID-19 during certificate training courses.