On June 18, 2020, took place the final certification of 3 clinical residents of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery Shupyk NMAPE (head of the Department - professor Savoliuk S.)

3 foreign clinical residents completed their studying - Fazail Ismailov (Azerbaijan) (curator - Savoliuk S.), Alpha Joshua (Nigeria) (curator - Khodos V.), Durdiev Mekan (Turkmenistan) (curator - Savoliuk S.).

 The meeting was chaired by head of the Department, professor Savoliuk S.

Savoliuk S. reported on the completion of individual program plans of the training and preparation of clinical residents of the Department. With objective assessment of clinical residents' activities, the head of the Department recommended them to further study as PhD students.

All clinical residents expressed satisfaction of the studying at the Department and emphasized that interesting involvement of innovative approaches in scientific, educational and medical work of the surgical clinic of the Department created productive microclimate and supportive educational conditions.

This is evidence of Shupyk NMAPE authority among graduates of educational institutions of our and foreign countries.