Scientific Effort of the Academy

    The research work in NMAPE is performed according to the consolidated research plan. In 2015 it consisted of 10 funded research projects (including 1 fundamental and 9 applied research works), 64 unfunded independent exploratory projects, 105 economic contract research projects.

    The structure of the research efforts in NMAPE is presented by different financing forms: special purpose fund research projects (58.3%), independent exploratory research projects (35.6%), funded research projects (6.1%).

    Publishing educational and scientific literature is the main way to get the research results across to the wide audience. The Academy current schools of medical thought, which carry on the famous predecessors' traditions, play an important role in creating the literature. In 2015, there were published 9 textbooks, 69 manuals and guidance manuals, 37 monographs, 11 reference books, 10 edited volumes, 8 scientific forums proceedings.

    Scientific communication holds a special place in the system of implementing research findings into the practical health care (current developments, methodological recommendations, information letters, innovations; holding scientific forums including reports dealing with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the most common diseases affecting today’s population; by demonstrating the recent developments at national and international exhibitions and writing papers for national and international scientometric journals).

    The Academy scientists obtained 4 invention patents, 74 utility models, 11 copyright certificates, they developed 6 regulatory instruments, 30 methodological recommendations, 32 information letters; 40 scientific forums were held,  the latest developments were demonstrated in 3 national and international exhibitions, 2199 scientific papers were published, among them 636 scientometric  papers, 345 international publications, 1281 national publications; there were presented 360 international and 1188 nationwide level reports.       

    Brief information about the most important research findings of the Academy in 2015

    In 2015, there were developed 4 medicinal products, including Betacarborcloment emulsion and suspension type cream, Clotricarb emulsion type cream, Avertin pharmaceutic composition (under the guidance of Full Professor L. L. Davtian), Oflinim pharmaceutic composition (under the guidance of Full Professor V. V. Trokhymchuk).

Such new treatment modes were schemed out by the scientists of NMAPE:

  • surgical method for inguinal hernias in infants and younger boys;
  • combination treatment for giant hemolymphangioma of the head and neck in infants;
  • surgical approach to carotid and vertebral arteries;
  • treatment method for double pleural effusion of unknown origin;
  • treatment method for gingival fibromatosis;
  • treatment method for generalized severe periodontitis;
  • method for tissue fixation and muscular innervation when repairing autonomic distortion of face;
  • radionuclide medication method for treating prostate cancer patients with multiple bone metastases. 

Diagnostic techniques:

  • method for determining the time of electromechanical segmental delay in the ventricular myocardium;
  • method for phonospirographic computer-assisted diagnosis in children with bronchopulmonary dysplasia;
  • method for screening psychoemotional state of women of reproductive age. 

Prevention and forecasting methods:

  • method for the prevention and treatment of port-site hernia;
  • method forforecasting acute exacerbation of chronic inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive organs in women of reproductive age;
  • simulation technique for short bowel syndrome;
  • method for detecting hereditary susceptibility to ischemic stroke in children;
  • method forforecasting a post-term pregnancy.

    In 2015, there were completed the following scientific research projects:

  1. Cerebral circulation, cognitive dysfunction and changes on MRI in patients with type 2 diabetes (supervisor - Corresponding Member of the NAMS of Ukraine, Full Professor B. M. Mankovsky). 
  2. Developing new diagnostic and medical technologies for the survival growth in working-age men with CHD as a widespread circulatory disease (supervisor - Full Professor M. M. Dolzhenko).
  3. Substantiation and development of algorithms and programs for the primary health care management of patients with the most common non-communicable diseases (supervisor - Associate Professor V. I. Tkachenko).
  4. Age-related aspects of anesthesiology and intensive care in critically ill children(supervisor - Full Professor A. V. Belyaev).
  5. Monotonia in operator performance(supervisor - Full Professor D. V. Varyvonchyk).
  6. Grounding the concept of integral approach to the treatment of patients with dento-maxillary abnormalities with the view of creating the high-quality life of the modern man(supervisor - Full Professor M. S. Drogomyretska).
  7. To investigate the metabolic and hormonal changes in young men with congenital forms of hypogonadism in order to optimize the treatment of reproductive dysfunction (supervisor - Academician of the NAMS of Ukraine, Full Professor M. D. Tronko).