The head of the Scientific Educational and Methodological Centre of Distant Education of NMAPE is Ozar Petrovych Mintser, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Full Professor, Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Full Fellow of the International Academy of Informatics, Ukrainian Academy of Informatics and the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine. 

Scientific Educational and Methodological Centre of Distant Education was established on the Order of Rector of NMAPE from the 25th of January, 2006on the basis of scientific and methodological laboratory of modern information technologies of distant education and problem research laboratory for postgraduate training of doctors (pharmacists).

Aim of the Centre is the promotion, formation and development of the unified system of distant postgraduate medical and pharmaceutical education in Ukraine.

The technical equipment of the Centre provides the ability to transmit and receive the educational information, multimedia presentations and "live" video both in normal terrestrial channels of the Internet, and on high-quality satellite channel. The activity of the centre meets new requirements arising in the context of Ukraine's accession to the Bologna process. The centre offers advanced forms of both individual lectures and the majority of courses of advanced training, as well as pre-certification courses.

The centre is in a close relationship and co-sponsorship with the projects of the EU, Internet provider "Lucky Net". In the realization of the tasks of distant education there are involved the institutions of health care and the higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

Experts from the centre in cooperation with the staff members of the Department of Medical Informatics improved the principles and methods of formalization, transmission and control of knowledge, didactic methods of distant education, the developments of processing equipment and firmware, that provided the necessary conditions for the effective implementation of the elements of distant learning in postgraduate medical (pharmaceutical) education. 

Due to the developed innovative technologies there was made a visual communication with 5 higher educational institutions of Ukraine, 4 regional centres of health care, 2 diagnostic centres, 2 institutions of NAS of Ukraine, as well as the studio of the company of International Medical Programmes, Іnc. (New York, the USA).

Together with the experts from the United States there is carried out the research work on the development of a common platform for teleconferencing.

The development and implementation of technological schemes and approaches on the portal "A common medical education space" is carried out (