Scientific information is distributed in time and space in certain channels, means, methods. Scientific communication holds a special place in this system. It is worth putting scientists in mind of the fact that scientific communication is the exchange of scientific information (ideas, knowledge, messages, etc.) between scientists and specialists. The Academy carries out the exchange by implementing patents, guidelines, circulars, innovation into public health practice; by holding scientific forums including reports dealing with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the most common diseases affecting today’s population, by demonstrating the recent developments at national and international exhibitions and writing papers for national and international journals.

Implementing patents is common for applying developments to practical healthcare. In 2013 the academic staff received 3 invention patents, 58 utility models, 12 favourable decisions for obtaining patents and 3 inventor's certificates.

The Academy's research and development in 2013: pharmaceutical drugs (5.4%); devices and equipment (10.8%); prevention and forecasting techniques (12.2%); diagnostic techniques (20.3%); treatment modes (51.4%).


The scientific information resulting from clinical or experimental studies transmitted through scientific communication and presented as methodological recommendations, is high on the list of the innovation activity system. During the period under consideration there were developed 49 methodological recommendations and sent out to the regions of Ukraine.


Information letters are important carriers of information concerning the research findings on some specific problems. In 2013, the research community developed 28 information letters, which were also sent out to all the regions of Ukraine.


The innovations administering the introduction of medical science into practical health care are developed on the ground of patents, methodological recommendations and information letters. 42 current developments were included on the Sectoral Innovations Register in 2013. The research papers and contribution reports are very important for implementing current developments into practical health care.

Scientific articles and reports made on scientific forums are an important form of implementing scientific developments into health care.

Holding scientific forums is of great importance for scientific information exchange. Annually, the Academy scientists organize and hold close upon 30 forums.