On April 17, 2018 there was a formal opening of the Simulation Training Center at NMAPE. The ceremony was attended by Rector Academician of NAMS of Ukraine Yuriy Voronenko, First Vice-Rector Corresponding Member of NAMS of Ukraine Yuriy Vdovychenko, Vice-Rector for Education Full Professor Oleksandr Tolstanov, Vice-Rector for Maintenance and Supply Yuriy Sokhan, deans of faculties and directors of scientific training institutes, members of structural divisions of the Academy, as well as representatives of international providers of medical devices Olympus, Laerdal, CIA, which assisted in equipping the Center.

The Simulation Training Center is an invaluable tool for improving training of internship doctors and students, an effective mechanism for reducing errors during surgical interventions, giving medical advice and within general practice.

 During the opening ceremony Acting Director of the Simulation Training Center Associate Professor Andriy Tkachenko showed the classrooms and equipment of the Center to the guests.

At the briefing Full Professor Yuriy Voronenko noted that the history of simulation training methods in medicine dated back to the 18th century, France, when the first obstetric phantoms were used. Interactive simulators appeared in aviation and they were used for training pilots in realistic but safe environment. In our Academy the process of initiation and development took 3 years starting from the first discussion at the Scientific Board in 2015. The Rector thanked all those involved in logistical, analytical and advisory support. He also encouraged teachers to actively implement simulation training into the courses which are already held.

Honorary guests who helped with the foundation of the Center were also speakers at the briefing, including Anatoliy Kolesnykov from Oniko Company, which is an official representative of CIA Company in Ukraine. He noted that the most effective approach to the introduction of simulation medicine is the creation of the Center, which reproduces the conditions of work in the clinic as realistic as possible.

Oleksandr Cherkashyn from Ksenko Company, which is an official representative of Laerdal Company, expressed the opinion that inter-branch cooperation is a guarantee of effective development and whished success in preparing highly-skilled professionals in medicine. Mr. Cherkashyn encouraged joining the Association of Simulation Centers.

The director of Olympus Europe representative office in CIS countries Vitaliy Klyshnia mentioned about the effective 5-year cooperation with the Academy and expressed his hope for an effective extension. The Company presented the Simulation Training Center colonoscopy simulator.

Associate Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology Lilia Ivanytska shared her impressions from the training session at the Simulation Training Center. She said it was interesting and useful for all participants of the course.

Finally, Academician Yuriy Voronenko encouraged all internship doctors of the Academy to work out practical skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation at the Simulation Training Center in the near future.

Medical simulation is a unique phenomenon, as it is constantly evolving, covering medical operations, patient care and clinical environment, and in the future it will reach a level that will eliminate the boundaries between these sectors of medicine.