The Department of Public Health was created by reorganization of the Department of Nutrition Hygiene and Hygiene of Children and Adolescents (1939) and the Department of Human Hygiene and Ecology (1993) preserving the best traditions of academic and research work. It started functioning on June 1, 2017. This day at the constituent meeting of the newly established division of NMAPE, Vice-Rector for International Relations and International Students Research and Training, Full Professor
O. Hulchiy outlined the prospects for the development of public health in Ukraine, pointing attention to the fact that the industry is not new in the country. Full Professor O. Hulchiy encouraged all members of the Department to cooperate for a common goal i.e. to preserve and improve health of the nation.

The Department is located in the laboratory building of NMAPE having at its disposal the appropriate logistics. 

The European integration processes, reforming the health care system in general and the adoption of the Concept of public health development in Ukraine show the importance of creating the Department, which will provide training and retraining of specialists in public health.

Head of the Personnel Unit D. Brygynets mentioned in his speech that the aim of the Department is to ensure high-quality, modern, accessible education at postgraduate stage and during continuous professional development of members of preventive medicine using the latest teaching methods, including modern information technologies, in order to prevent diseases and improve health of the population of Ukraine. D. Brygynets also informed about the appointment of Full Professor I. Khomenko as an acting head of the Department until the election on a competitive basis. In her speech she said that the creation of one of the first departments of public health was possible thanks to the promising views of the Rector of NMAPE, Academician of NAMS of Ukraine, Full Professor Yu. Voronenko, and one of the ideologists of public health in Ukraine Full Professor
O. Hulchiy. Full Professor I. Khomenko also said that the staff members of the newly formed Department have already started an active learning activity, having prepared an education plan and program of thematic advanced training course “Public Health in Ukraine: Development Strategy”. In addition, the lectures and practical classes of the second course are coming to the end. There also continues educational services in general hygiene, hygiene of nutrition, hygiene of children and adolescents, communal hygiene, laboratory investigation of chemical factors of environment.  

The Dean of Medical and Prophylactic, Pharmaceutical Faculty, Full Professor
V. Trokhymchuk welcomed the participants with the solemn event and whished inspiration and creativity in plans implementation.