On the 22nd of March, 2017 there were held the first in the history of Ukraine Parliament hearings “Medical Education in Ukraine: Vision of the Future”. The Deputy Head of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine I.V. Herashchenko, Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine P.V. Rozenko, Head of the Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Health Care Issues O.V. Bohomolets, Deputy Minister of Health Care O.V. Linchevskyi and First Deputy Minister of Education and Science V.V. Kovtunets addressed the meeting.

The main report “Directions for the Development of the System of Medical Education in Ukraine: Vision of the Future” was presented by the Rector of NMAPE Academician of the NAMS of Ukraine Full Professor Yu.V. Voronenko. In the discussions there participated people's deputies of Ukraine and representatives of higher medical education, who offered their vision of pre- and postgraduate education, management training for the health care system, professionals on medical law and public health, as well as obtaining medical education in Ukraine by foreign nationals.

Fourteen Full Professors of the Academy (Yu.P. Vdovychenko, O.P. Hulchiy, R.O. Moiseienko, L.A. Pyrih, M.Ye. Polishchuk, N.O. Savychuk, O.K. Tolstanov, O.H. Shekera, L.V. Suslikova, O.P. Mintser, V.V. Krasnov, V.M. Mykhalchuk, N.H. Hoida, L.F. Matiukha) and three Associate Professors (L.Yu. Babintseva, O.M. Verner, S.V. Kushnirenko) took part in the Parliament hearings.

The main message of the event was that the system of medical education in Ukraine should meet the current needs of the health care sector for qualified personnel and be integrated into the European scientific and educational system. The report of the Report of NMAPE Full Professor Yu.V. Voronenko was highly appreciated by the audience, received favourable reviews and his proposals were included into the Resolution of the Parliament hearings.