In February, 14th, 2017 the Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on health care issues held a round-table meeting on the subject: “The Status and Perspectives of Medical Education in Ukraine”.

The meeting was held under the direction of the Head of the Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on health care issues Olha Bohomolets and it was attended by people's deputies of Ukraine, members of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, rectors and academic staff of higher medical (pharmaceutical) educational institutions, members of non-governmental organizations.

The Rector Academician of NAMS of Ukraine, Full Professor Yu.V. Voronenko made a report on the subject “Directions for the Development of Training System for Doctors at Postgraduate Stage”, which presented the Conception of Postgraduate Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development. The members of the meeting positively responded to the Conception and approved it. There was also made a decision to consider the Conception and propositions of NMAPE on introduction of the amendments to legal acts, which regulate relationship between medical educational institutions and health care institutions on training of health personnel at the next Parliamentary hearing of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Vice-Rector for Education Full Professor O.K. Tolstanov, Head of the Department of Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical and Pharmaceutical Law Full Professor V.V. Krasnov, Head of Academic Unit O.M. Verner also attended the meeting.