In January, 2017 Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education took the fourth place in rating of higher educational institutions and scientific research institutes of Ukraine. Thus, since September, 2016 the staff members of the Academy have increased the Hirsch index from 47 to 63 and the rating position has raised from 10 to 4.

In February, 2016 the academic staff, postgraduate students and young scientists of NMAPE joined registration in modern international scientometric databases Google Scholar and Research Gate. It was organized by Vice-Rector for Science Full Professor N. O. Savychuk, Head of the Science Unit Full Professor I. O. Mohilevkina and Head of the Department of Medical Informatics Full Professor O. P. Mintser. Technical, informational and organizational support was provided by the Unit for Informational and Analytic Support headed by
Yu. I. Ladonia.


The heads of faculties, institutes and departments of the Academy are also actively involved in the process. Today, about 800 staff members of the Academy have personal profiles in Google Scholar. It makes it possible to analyse and combine all the results into a single profile of the Academy and objectively present scientific publications of our employees.

We invite the academic staff and postgraduate students for further promotion of research products and scientific image cultivation by registration in Research Gate and ORCID (Connecting Research and Researchers).