Teaching and Guiding

  •  Postgraduate medical education (internship, master's degree programme, specialized training of physicians and pharmacists)
  •  Continuing professional growth (advanced training — qualifying courses, thematic advanced training, practical training, clinical residency)

Scientific Effort

  •  Academic training (postgraduate course, doctorship)
  •  Priority research
  •  Independent research
  •  Extrabudgetary research (on a self-supporting basis)
  •  Academic publishing activities (textbooks, guidebooks, monographs, reference books, collections of research papers, dictionaries, brochures, best practices, information letters, academic papers, abstracts)
  •  Scientific journals publishing
  •  Implementation of scientific research results in public health (acts on implementation, patents for invention, copyright certificates, scientific fora, exhibitions)

Clinical Work

  •  Consultations (at out-patient and in-patient departments of clinical bases and at out-clinics); patients’ treatment
  •  Surgical interventions
  •  Innovations in clinical, diagnostic and prophylactic work, implementation of up-dated medical and organization technologies as constitutients of the WHO regional strategy on European continent
  •  Business trip for providing expert consultative assistance

International Cooperation

  •  Popularizing the Academy scientific, pedagogical and medical activities among potential foreign partners
  •  Organizing and holding negotiations with foreign partners concerning matters of mutual interest
  •  Organizing international meetings, seminars and conferences
  •  Organizing training for foreigners at the Academy departments and the preparatory department
  •  Implementing international programmes and grants