Shupyk National Medical Academyof Postgraduate Education is a leading postgraduate medical educational institution of the highest (IV) level of accreditation, modern research and treatment centre, which comprises 235 MD, Drs. Sc. and 488 MD, PhDs, among them 175 full professors, 282 associate professors.

Nowadays 2 heroes of Ukraine, 1 academician of the NAS of Ukraine, 6 academicians of the NAMS of Ukraine , 3 academicians of the ASHS of Ukraine, 3 corresponding members of the NAS of Ukraine and 15 corresponding members of the NAMS of Ukraine, 33 honoured scientists and technologists of Ukraine, 33 winners of the State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology, 71 honoured doctors of Ukraine, 5 honoured education workers of Ukraine, 3 honoured inventors and rationalisers of Ukraine, 5 honoured public health workers, 2 honoured pharmaceutical workers of Ukraine and 1 honoured lawyer of Ukraine work at the Academy.

NMAPE has at its disposal 3 institutes (Institute of Family Medicine, Institute of Dentistry,  Ukrainian State Institute of Reproductology),  5 faculties (surgical, therapeutic, pediatric, medical and prophylactic, pharmaceutical, teaching staff’s advanced training). 80 departments and Central Research Laboratory, 6 centres: Research Academic and Methodological Centre of Distance Education; Scientific and Research Centre, State Academic and Methodological Geriatric Centre; State Academic, Research and Methodological Centre of Palliative and Hospice Care, Dental Practical and Training Medical Centre, Interdepartmental Education and Training Center, 3 units: Advanced Training of Dental Technicians, Advanced Training of Dental Mechanics, Advanced Training of Medical Technicians and Medical Social Workers.

NMAPE is a leading academic and methodological centre in postgraduate education of physicians and pharmacists, which is authorized by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to develop the majority of the standard curricula and programs of the courses of pre-certification training, specialized training, internship as well as computer attestation programs, applied by all the postgraduate medical institutions and faculties of Ukraine.

Annually, more than 100 curricula and programs of advanced training courses are developed and updated, over 60 items of academic and methodological literature (textbooks, tutorials, teaching aids, manuals) for educational process are published

Annually, the Academy provides over 1.5 thousand courses; more than 2.5 thousand interns and 23 thousand physicians and pharmacists study at the Academy.

To operate in coordination with practical health care bodies and institutions is the Academy's old tradition. Annually, about 200 thousand patients are given consultations and over 20 thousand complex surgical interventions are performed by the staff members in the base and extra-base medical establishments. Over 30 leading scientists are the head experts of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine; they work on improving medical care for the population.

Training brainpower is one of the greatest tasks of the Academy. Being in the rank of Institute, the Academy was first awarded theses defence for the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences (Ph.D. thesis in medicine (1963) and doctoral thesis in medicine (1967)). Nowadays there are 11 specialized academic boardsin 15 specialties, including internal diseases, nervous diseases, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, anaesthesiology and intensive care, traumatology and orthopaedics, forensic medicine, pharmaceutics and organization of pharmacy and forensic pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy, eye diseases, diagnostic radiology and radiotherapy, general practice – family medicine, social medicine, dentistry, medical and biological informatics and cybernetics. 69 doctoral and 355 PhD theses were defended within the period from 2008 to 2013; 220 postgraduate students, 480 residents, 70 masters were trained.

At every step of its development the Academy held advanced positions in Ukrainian and world science. The research results of its scientists are represented as in Ukraine, so abroad; they are set forth in 500 monographs, 130 textbooks, 600 educational manuals, 190 reference books, 950 guidelines and information letters, 640 patents.

Over the last 35 years the Academy’s scientists have obtained more than 560 copyright certificates on inventions, including some licensed in the USA, Italy and other countries.

The staff members of NMAPE are cofounders of 29 periodicals.

The sovereignty of Ukraine led the international cooperation of the Academy to its new phase. The international cooperation is realised by the Department of International Relations and Educational Research Work with Foreign Subjects, founded in March 1993 as a structural unit, not financed by the governmental budget. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education successfully cooperates with foreign partners, in particular: Slovak Medical University; Lublin Medical Academy and Nicolaus Copernicus University (Poland); Jagiellonian University; Silesian Academy of Medicine; Illinois University (the USA); Saint Petersburg State I. P. Pavlov Medical University and University of Orebro (Sweden); A. Schweitzer International Medical Academy (Poland); University of Bari (Italy), Interuniversity Centre for Research and Cooperation in Eastern and South-Eastern European countries (CIRCEOS); Iowa and Alabama Universities (the USA); Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (Iran), Zurich University (Switzerland); International Academy of Classic Homeopathy (Greece) et al.

Awarding honorary degrees (Doctor Honoris Causa and Professor Honoris Causa) to the well-known scientists from the foreign countries is one of the Academy’s traditions. The Honorary Doctors of the Academy became Professor Theodor Hellbrugge (Germany), Professor Albert Schinzel (Switzerland), Honorary Professors - Alternative Nobel Prize winner George Vithoulkas (Greece), Professor Hubertus von Voss (Germany), Professor Ctibor Weiss (Austria), Trevor Gіbbs (Great Britain). The Academy is a cofounder of the Association of Medical Informatics having its offices in Canada, the USA, Germany, Vietnam, China, and Bulgaria.

In 2006 the Academy was included to the registers of the four organizations in the USA: System of Industry Classification (SIC), Data Universal Numbering System (D-U-N-S), Employer Identification Number (EIN), code registration of NATO (NATO CAGE) and Central Contractor Registration (CCR). This allows the staff members to receive the grants of the USA Congress and the National Institute of Health, the USA.

Annually, more than 70 scientists of the Academy visit foreign countries to be trained at the leading clinics of the West, to exchange the experience and perform joint scientific investigations, negotiate, participate in the congresses, symposia, exhibitions. Most often, they go to Germany, the USA, Poland, France, Switzerland, Austria.

More and more delegations attend the Academy every year. Annually, the Academy trains more than 400 foreign nationals from 54 countries, including the USA, Germany, Poland, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Greece, India, China and other countries. The Academy’s graduates successfully work as at home, so in the clinics of UK, Germany, France, the USA and Canada.

In 2001 the Academy was the first of the medical higher educational establishments of Ukraine to become a full collective member of the International Personnel Academy (UNESCO). The Resource Centre for Training HIV/AIDS Infections Specialists under the protection of WHO was founded at the Academy combined with the American International Health Association. The Public Health School was founded in combination with Kyiv-MohylaAcademy and MaastrichtUniversity (the Netherlands). Training lawyers and economists is conducted combined with International Solomon University. The International Genetic Research Centre was founded with the support of Zurich University; International Classic Homeopathy School was formed with the support of George Vithoulkas (Greece), Winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize.

The research work on studying the effect of the drugs used in agriculture and everyday life is conducted with a number of the firms of the USA, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Japan, Israel and Croatia. Such organizations as International Development Agency (the USA), Vidrodzhennia Fund, Osvita Medical Project and Health Care Partners (Canada) are the active partners of the Academy. The Academy is a cofounder of Medical Informatics Association having representative offices in Canada, the USA, Germany, Vietnam, China and Bulgaria. 

The Academy has got administration and morphologic offices with an area of about 8.000 m2 and it comprises almost 11.000 hospital beds in the modern medical establishments and research institutes of Kyiv.

The staff of the Academy has contributed a lot to the treasury of Ukrainian medicine by promoting the reform of health care in Ukraine in general and the reform of higher medical education, in particular.