The Central Research Laboratory (CRL) is the structural subdivision of NMAPE, it is subordinate to the Rector of the Academy and the Vice-rector for Science. Since 1998 the laboratory has been headed by Ksenia M. IGRUNOVA, MD, Dr. Sc. Under her guidance there were continued the CRL-based long-term fundamental studies.


The CRL was founded in 1972 according to the Resolution of the State Committee on Science and Technology at the Council of Ministers of the USSR and Order of the Ministry of Health of the USSR under the supervision of Full Professor Vitalii T. Antonenko.

When doing research the CRL cooperates with the departments of the Academy, the research institutes of the NAMS of Ukraine and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, as well as with the academic units of various universities. In addition to the research activities the staff members constantly render methodological and advisory assistance to the degree-seeking students and postgraduate students of the Academy and other higher education institutions as for their dissertations.


The CRL consists of highly trained professionals, among them 2 Drs. Sc., including 1 Full Professor, 1 MD, PhD, 4 PhDs in Biology, including 4 senior researchers.


At present the CRL conducts such world-class fundamental and applied investigations as:

  •  Studying immune regulatory function;
  •  Studying the mechanisms of cellular reserve apoptosis (normal position);
  •  Studying the mechanisms of hypertrophy and proliferation;
  •  Studying the genetic determinants of the pathologic behaviour;
  •  Studying the effect of contagious matters and cytokines on cardiovascular pathology;
  •  Studying the pathogenesis of stress response;
  •  Appraising (individually) the significance of epigenetic regulation for the pathology behaviour;
  • Determining the complex of factors for the formation of the normal position of the organism;
  • Determining the significance of all the mentioned factors for the development of the critical conditions and chronic diseases.        

Besides the fundamental investigations the staff members answer the applied health practical questions. The CRL suggested a proprietary diagnostic algorithm to identify cardiologic, oncologic and other risk groups based on specifying the index of the induction of cellular apoptosis. It was initiated an innovative approach to the adjustment of drugs in vitro for optimizing therapy. There have been developed methods for identifying the risk and protection of stress-producing pathogenetically targeted pathology.

The CRL provides the planning and coordination of the NMAPE departments’ personnel’s research activities, statistical data processing, the execution of general report on the research activity. 


In 2008-2013 there were performed 8 supporting basis research works, in particular, such state-financed fundamental research works as “Genetic Determinants and Immune Mechanisms Involvement in Endotoxicosis as Basis for Metabolic Disorders and Developing Its Correction Tools”, “Contributionof Epigenetic, Genetic, Biochemical and Immune Factorsfor RegulatingMitosis, Postmiotic Hypertrophy and Apoptosis Balance to the Development of Critical Conditions Pathology, Including Sudden Death”.

The state-financed fundamental research work “Determining Cell Reserve Formation Complex for Optimizing Diagnostics, Prevention and Treatment of Diseases ”has been being performed since 2014.

The staff members of 13 departments of NMAPE are involved in doing the research work. They select patients, collect and deliver the samples. In 2011-2013 more than 9.000 flow cytometric analyses and more than 10.000 biochemical studies were done, more than 500 specimens for morphological analyses were prepared. At the same time there was rendered advisory assistance (PhD and doctoral theses) to 19 postgraduate students and degree-seeking students of 19 departments of the Academy.

Besides, the CRL concluded the cooperation agreements with such institutions as:

-  D. F. Chebotarev State Institute of Gerontology of the NAMS of Ukraine (Cardiac Recovery Unit);
-  R. E. Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology of the NAS of Ukraine;
-  Ye. O. Paton Electric Welding Institute;
-  LLC “Medical Centre “Diagema”;
-  Poltava Medical University;
-  National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

 Over its history the CRL has been the base for training 30 doctoral and 40 PhD theses. The staff members have published more than 800 original articles, delivered 87 reports at the scientific forums, including 18 ones presented abroad, taken out 20 inventor's certificates.  

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